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The new trends that are getting hotter for 2018

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Emma

Bright Pops of Colour

Roses, blushes and muted pastels have been the colour scheme of choice of late but bright, bold pops of colour are going to get hotter for 2018 weddings and onwards.

Brides and Grooms are starting to lean towards brighter colours for their big day- swapping whites for pink, turquoise and orange.

This new trend gives you the flexibility to add small hints of colour, such as within your bridal bouquet or your table napkins or go the whole way- there is a lot of scope to play and have fun.

Teaming these colours with gold, such as our gold chiavari chairs, or our gold sequin table cloths work wonderfully and gives such a luxurious feel.

Or why not let the colour speak for itself and go with our clear chiavari chairs and lot’s of glass tealights and vases?

Foliage and Forest

There is something very enchanted about this theme. It’s taking the ‘rustic’ theme, but making it more fairytale. 

It involves lot’s of flowers and foliage, and bringing the forest indoors (or just go all out and have it outdoors!). 

This theme was embraced by Pippa Middleton when she got married in May of this year, when she had giant cherry blossom trees as her centrepieces, completed with plenty of foliage and flowers. We have brand new cherry blossom trees available for your wedding- so book these today before they’re gone for your date!

You can go really big with this trend, as seen on Pippa Middleton’s tables. Or you can just add touches of foliage and forest aspects throughout. 

It works really well with lot’s of candlelight to give it that romantic ambience. These gorgeous hanging glass baubles with candles inside are perfect for this. Contact us for these today!


Black and white is a very easy way to give your wedding that black tie feel. If you want a super elegant and sleek theme for your big day- going monochromatic is the perfect choice. 

You can stick with only black and white, or you can add in certain aspects of another colour. If you go with pinks and blushes, then you create a feminine feel. 

Or if you add in gold then you make it more glamorous and luxe. 

All of these trends can be created for your special day with our help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your wedding and how we can make your ideas come to life…






*all photos sourced from google images