Wedding Design

Designing how your wedding is going to look and feel is such an exciting part of your wedding planning!

First of all let’s work out your wedding style….

The Classic Bride

Is all about traditional elegance, picturesque Whites to soft pastels, timeless elegance, an almost regal feel with a touch of romance. Luxury linen, ornate details and lots of flowers are a must, dappled with candle light and crystals mixed with Silver or Gold for a grand opulent feel.

The Romantic Bride

Is all about natural beauty, making a statement without making a scene. Using soft sheer textures and natural colours to create a light, airy, whimsical feel all wrapped up in comforting love and romance. Details are just as important but are created in a more relaxed environment.

The Modern Bride

Is all about clean lines, a sleek look and sophistication. Her wedding will be as fashion forward as she is, with bang on trend visuals, gleaming contemporary lines with the use of glass and cutting edge shapes to create a glossy pristine look.

The Dramatic Bride

For the dramatic bride it’s all about the fun! You are not scared to inject funky elements into your day to be bold and dramatic with use of colour or to really embark on a theme. Mixing textures, using extravagant vessels, unique flowers and foliages to create a vibrant, electric vibe, this wedding will be like no other and your guests wouldn’t expect anything less!

You may find you are a combination of the above, which is where our expert designers come into play to guide you how to incorporate and mix styles to create a flawless finish which perfectly reflects your own personalities and create a truly unique and memorable wedding.

So get in touch to book an appointment and let’s start creating your perfect wedding!