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Venue Styling Q+A

Where do you start when it comes to venue décor? At what point in the process do you need to think about styling?

Styling your day begins the minute you start to consider your venue.  What do you love about it and how will you decorate the different spaces to achieve an amazing impact?  Our design team, with over 25 years of industry experience are consistently creating beautiful and timeless weddings for our clients.

How much does styling typically cost couples? 

This really depends on your guest numbers and what look you want to achieve, anything from £6000 upwards for a full-bespoke design by our team is realistic during high season.  This incorporates everything from bridal flowers, statement centrepieces, bespoke chairs and sumptuous linens. Our clients are looking for a certain style of wedding and our team is renowned for its unique and beautiful end results.

What sort of budget do you need to allocate, ideally? 

Depends what kind of wedding you’re after! Investing in wedding flowers is important for design impact. We design all our weddings to suit the clients wishes and venue.  Our clients spend from £6000. We’d suggest you work out what are you must haves for styling and we can take it from there.  Our team will always be on hand to guide you and are flexible allowing changes throughout your planning with us.

How do budgets differ depending on the style of venue for example: barn, standard function suite, castle, and ballroom? 

You can make a barn look like a ballroom and a ballroom look like a barn these days if that’s what the couple wants!  We style any venue with the same hard work, dedication and every attention to detail however certain styles of venues require more decor than others. Check what is included in your venue hire and that you are happy with the quality of these items, this will then allow you to work on what you need/want in terms of styling. Everyone has different must have items and we love that this makes our work so diverse.

What about plain and simple prop hire versus full-service and on-the-day styling?

We can provide props and décor on hire if you know what you’d like.  Occasionally some clients like to mix and match their suppliers, but the majority prefer a clear-cut service with one of our award-winning designers.  It makes the whole process much simpler and you can be assured that everything will work seamlessly together on the day as our style team are extremely conscious of the overall look as opposed to just elements of it. This saves lots of time in your planning and also multiple delivery fees.

What can be achieved with a bigger budget?

Bigger budgets allow you to have a fully styled design and all the attention to details that will amaze your guests and create the perfect setting for all these wonderful memories for years to come.

If you have a limited budget then focus on your bridal flowers, floor length table linen and centrepieces as these will make the biggest impact to your day.  You can always add other items if more budget becomes available.

What secrets can you share to really transform a venue? Which props/pieces of furniture/lighting make the biggest difference, in your opinion? 

Flowers!  Fresh wedding flowers are a must!  They make the biggest impact on any room.  Also lots of romantic candlelight, even in summer it’s just lush and creates a really romantic ambience to the day. Floor length table linen is non negotiable for us, just ask us for picture examples and we’ll sure you’ll agree once pointed out you can’t un-see bad fitting linen.

How do you switch up the one space between ceremony and reception?

Statement centrepieces on your aisle can then be used to dress your ceremony space then moved to your guest tables afterwards.  This is a great way of keeping costs down when you are in the venue all day and giving a lux vibe to both spaces.


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